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Captain Hook’s coffee farm is a family-owned coffee business in the Bolaven Plateau, Laos. The coffee farm located in an unvarnished Katu ethnic village. We offer different good value tours for small group and provide accommodation in a Katu style house. You can also just come and have a cup of coffee!
Born and grown up in this village, the owner Captain Hook has experience working as a tourist guide in Thailand. He can tell you the fascinating insight of village life in English.


Authentic Experience


Village Tour

During the tour, you will explore the unique custom based on the Katu’s belief in spirit. You will have the chance to experience the Katu water pipe in their traditional bamboo house.




Mr. Hook leads you to trek over the secret path in the local area and enjoy the beautiful waterfall. You can immerse the great scenery and may have a chance to jump into the water enjoying your private nature pool.


Don’t rush through the village. Stay overnight with Katu family in a traditional house is an unrivalled experience. Dinner and breakfast are all included.


Coffee tour

The must-do experience in Bolaven Plateau! Start with a cup of fresh coffee brewed in the traditional bamboo filter and then walk through the coffee plantation. During the tour, you will get in-depth knowledge about growing and processing of the coffee.

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How to find us?

We are approximately 11km north of Thateng and 15km from Tad Lo.
Once at Ban Kok Pung Tai village, follow the signs for ‘Captain Hook’.
(Exact location: 15.505433,106.342388)

If you could contact us in advance of your visit that would be best but tours can often be arranged on arrival at the village.
Fill in the contact form or call+865 2098930406


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What our guests say


The highlight of our trip! Captain Hook speaks very good English and will gladly show you around his village which belongs to the Katou Tribe.

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Romy & Luke


The tour was very genuine and a great insight into coffee plantations and general life for these people of Laos. The Bolaven Plateau loop was a great couple of day’s we’ll always remember. I’d highly recommend a trip to see Captain Hook if you’re ever in the area.

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Hayley and Nick


I joined the coffee tour and started off by ordering one cup of black Arabica coffee. 

I must say, it was one of the strongest and best cups of coffee I have ever had. 

Coffee lovers, go to Mr. Vieng! 

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